Molly Smith

Judge Molly was born January 18, 1957 and raised in Galena Park, Texas, a town her grandparents help settle in the early 1900’s. After graduation from Galena Park High School, she attended San Jacinto Community College, Texas A&M and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in behavioral sciences.

In 1987, at 31 years of age, Molly choose to run for political office as Justice of the Peace. She was elected on a platform of dedication and commitment and a promise to return the court to the people and find creative and progressive solutions to the various problems the court has jurisdiction over.

She was elected in 1988 and was sworn into the office in January 1989, and the court has not been the same since. Molly can best be described as a virtual whirl wind of concern and enthusiasm for those she serves. Her court agenda runs the gamut of civil and small claims to criminal, including traffic and hot checks. But Molly’s forte has been with the truancy cases and the juvenile cases filed in her court. It is in this area that Molly’s creativity and commitment thrive. Her creative sentencing options were featured on Tom Brokaw and the nightly news.   Molly is a caring Judge for all who come to her court, but she believes through the youth of our country a difference will be made.

Judge Molly is a deeply committed elected official, community leader, wife and mother, and grandmother.   She has always looked at problems in the “why not” as opposed to the “why”. She is not content to be ordinary and never passes up an opportunity to encourage others into action.  She is a constant blur of enthusiasm and optimism with her focus always on other people.

Judge Molly retired from elected office in 2008 and still serves as visiting Judge to 16 courts. She often serves as a guest motivational speaker and emcee, most notably as the Emcee and gospel vocalist for the Hometown Opry.

Molly has served on the board of most organization in the community.  The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, YMCA, Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo, Houston Rodeo, The Bridge Over Troubled Water for the battered and abused, Communities in School and so many more.

She was named Distinguished Alumni at GPISD, and Woman of the Distinction for the Bay Area.

Molly resides in Houston with her husband Carroll Smith, owner of Monument Chevrolet.  She and Carroll spend much time traveling, and she now serves as the resident “hugger” at Monument Chevrolet.